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NOVI SAD – ten years of awards celebration for young visual artists that bears the name "Dimitrije Basicevic Mangelos" slowly approaches. Jubilee event will contain exhibitions of award winners in April 2011. in MSUV in Novi Sad and then in Belgrade – followed by workshops and curators, competition and jury for the tenth award. Ivan Basicevic: "in April 2011. the exhibition of the New Laureate MSUV in city of Novi Sad and then in Belgrade "next year in the Organization awards are joining:" Remont "," DezOrg ", Fund" and "Elia MSUV Mangelos, Novi Sad, MUSEUM of CONTEMPORARY ART Belgrade, Center for new media We talk In this significant Jubilee for the young multimedia makers with Ivana Basicevic, President of the "Ilija&Mangelos" Foundation, she is granddaughter of the famous Ilija Bosilj, who was representative of outsider art famous in the world and also joining the talk Mangelos niece. The main goal was and still is the development of young visual artists production, in this way art production and artists will become visible in the Serbia public art scene. Award carry meaning, support of exploring issues in contemporary art and society in General, using all available art practices – Ivana Basicevic stated this words as an explanation. Reward Dimitrije Basicevic Mangelos founded 2002. Centre for contemporary art in Belgrade, and the Foundation for civil society in New York as part of the project "Young Visual Artists Awards". It's the only one that provides a chance laureate (young artist from Serbia) for residential stay in America (the first year in Sausalito, California, and then in New York). It carry the name of our artist, the founding father of the conceptual practice and art historian. – The award consists of a residential stay in New York (six weeks), which includes the use of studies in the ISCP (International Studio and Curatorial Program) and is the only one of that type in our program – Ivana Basicevic stated. — Starting from 2007. we have included production of art works as another significant segment of the competition. For 10 years, since this award exists, this year we will promote the work of its previous laureates an we will provide them with necessities for the production of new works and present them in a group exhibition with a title name "Award D.B. Mangelos 10 years" at the Museum of contemporary art Vojvodina, Novi Sad, and then and in Belgrade. Curator of exhibition will be Radmila Joksimovic, MUSEUM of CONTEMPORARY ART Belgrade Curator. Regional curators workshop will be run by Branka Curcic (theorist of art, Center for new media, Novi Sad), from which we expect to open discussion between the curator of the younger generation of South-Eastern Europe. The goal of workshop is to map the contemporary curators practices and shape an answer to the question whether is there a practice of critical curator views and what it implies. As critic Mangelos is saw potential of young artists, as well as new media art, therefore his name is a symbol for giving chance and space to new generations who are coming to visual scene. How much this award is important to young people, confirms the fact that there are in our area only two more awards awarded to artists Fund "Vladimir Veličković and Nis Art Foundation.


Mica Bašičević Mangelos is an artist, poet and philosopher. All his books, texts, paintings and objects express the multidisciplinary nature of work and thinking, which, especially in the 1960s and 1970s, will gain full meaning and the inclusion of new media. He was born in 1921 in a peasant family in Sid. He studied the history of art and philosophy in Vienna and Zagreb, where he graduated in 1949. He was employed at the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts as an assistant and curator of the Modern Gallery and the Archive for Fine Arts, and he remains to work there until 1960. At the same time, since 1952 he was working in the Gallery of Peasant Art as an associate, and then a curator. He received his PhD with the theme "Sava Sumanovic - Life and Work" at the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb in 1957, wrote texts for the Encyclopedia of Fine Arts. By establishing the Primitive Arts Gallery in 1960, he became gallery's first manager until the 1964, when he was assigned to run the collections of "Benko Horvat". Since 1971, he has been managing the newly established Film, Photography and Television Center, and from 1959 to 1966, he is a member of the informal group "Gorgona" (named after one of his songs). At the retrospective exhibition "Gorgone" in 1977, he first appeared in public with his early works. He never liked to call himself an artist: he said his soul was always rebellious and dissatisfied, eternally hungry. At the same time, he created objects such as "Alphabets", "Abecede", "Globe" ... which are now considered the first conceptual works.


  • 2002. Bob Milošević
  • 2003. Vladimir Nikolić
  • 2004. Milica Ružičić
  • 2005. Milena Gordić
  • 2006. Siniša Ilić
  • 2007. Katarina Zdjelar
  • 2008. Ivan Petrović
  • 2009. Ivana Smiljanić
  • 2010. Dušica Dražić

M. Marjanović

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